Monday, June 27, 2011

Lavender, Love and a Blessing From Above

Casie, Wendy and Christi

In thinking about what we were going to do for our special sister, Wendy, we knew that we had to include lavender into her Celebration in some way. And you would have had to be there to hear the whole story of why we included so many sparkles. It's just one reason why we take time to really consider what our sister would love, and we only get those ideas by listening to what God wants us to do in preparing, planning, and making the arrangements for each party that we do.
Before getting into all the details, you have to see our make shift kitchen and how we kept the food cold right up until the moment the party was supposed to be starting. Let's just say having an outside party on an extremely hot and full sun day, is a bit more challenging than we thought. Couldn't get a good picture, but at one point there were 4 of us ladies in the back of that van putting food together with the air conditioner on high and us ladies working like crazy to get the sandwiches, veggies, and trail mix all put together without it getting too warm. Memories for sure!

Casie, Naomi, LeEtta and Christi

When we plan these Celebrations, our purpose is to bless our sisters, but particularly the one who is the guest of honor. One of the great joys we as women can have with one another is when another sister is blessed with another child. In this situation, there were a couple lost before the Lord decided to bless this family with another child to train up in His ways. We rejoice with this family as He sees fit to grant them the desires of their heart. What a blessing!

The guest of honor and her 4 daughters.

Her mother, sister and niece also joined us.

We always take great consideration into how the invitation should look as this is the first clue to the guests what the party is going to be about. We chose to use dried lavender in a shaker window with the words to our theme, "Lavender, Love and a Blessing From Above" written on the background. We made these invitations two different ways, one with lighter purple paper as the background and one with darker purple paper as the background. A silver pen and some glitter to add the touch of sparkle that we wanted to include in this Celebration was a must to convey the whole idea.

After much consideration of the location, we decided there was no other choice than Lavender Lane in Rome City, Indiana. With hospitable owners and a beautiful setting, this was definitely the perfect place for this Celebration to take place. We did choose this time of year as the lavender is in bloom in June and the field was a pretty purple. Check out Lavender Lane here, and see what all they have to offer.

Now without further delay and ramblings, onto the details:

Walnut Lavender Cake Pops in pint sized jars with lavender colored stones in the bottom, silver baskets with purple, sparkly paper fans for cooling off (DIY project), and berry parfaits on top of the place setting were the table decor. Most of it was edible so it saved on clean up.

The chandelier hanging from above was a perfect sparkle touch that hung over the food table.

To honor our sister, we wash her feet, putting in flower petals (we used lavender buds) and share what she means to us, Scripture or what the Lord lays on our hearts. It is a special moment that we share together.

Is a blessing when your mother sits at your feet and washes them out of love.

A foot massage done by Christi, finishes off her time of relaxation. Sometimes it's done during the sharing time and in this instance she opened some presents while the massage took place.

Sisters and friends are a true blessing!

We bless the Lord for the beautiful day that He gave us to celebrate this blessing of another baby into our fellowship family. It's such a joy to spend this time encouraging one another, sharing with one another and CeLeBrating one of the things that makes us women together!


  1. BEAUTIFUL! And you were blessed with a gorgeous day...each celebration is so lovely and unique, what a gift.

  2. Thank you, Carie! We missed you celebrating with us!


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