Monday, December 15, 2014

Music Themed Bar Barakah- Son of Blessing

We had a wonderful time celebrating with the Brothers at Zeky's Bar Barakah.  Casie does such an amazing job!  It's a pleasure to help out and be a part of her parties.  This was a special CeLeBration for their son who turned 13 this month.  Instead of going with the traditional jewish idea of a Bar Mitzvah, they decided upon making it more of a time of blessing for him as he enter manhood.  Bar Barakah means Son of Blessing, and the afternoon was just that a time for his father to bless him, a time for some of the men in his life to bless him, and a time for them to pray sweet blessings over him.  Aside from helping get ready for the big day, Christi's family also shared a song that they wrote special for Zeky on this day.  I pray he holds all of the words that were shared with him close to his heart and in his mind. 

Because Zeky plays piano, Casie went with a music theme, using black and white stripes to represent a piano and one of his favorite colors, green.  She also incorporated other fun things that are favorites of Zeky's.  She used black and white fedora hats as the centerpieces with tissue paper and sparkly treble clefs and stars coming out.  She also used green sour candy straws coming out of vases for a snack for guests during the presentation.  Since the party started in the afternoon she wanted to make sure that the guests didn't get hungry during the ceremony part, so she also had bowls of snack mix with green sixlets and amazing M&Ms specially ordered with his face on the candy and wording that went along with the theme.  It was a very fun addition.  Each place setting also had a water bottle with a fun music note label with Z$ on the front.  It's what he likes to be called.  :)

 Laura Kidd Photography also took some great pictures of him ahead of time and those were used in frames on each table as well.

 Lots and lots of fun details......

 Casie made this piano out of cardboard for the cards to go into.

 A fun display at the gift table of pictures and decor.

The food was delicious and simple.  Instead of serving a big meal, Casie decided on just snacky foods that would be filling.  There were meatballs and BBQ Weenies, 3 different dips, chips, crackers, veggies, and an ice cream bar with toppings, syrups, and the machine to make it more fun.

Onto the ceremony.....

 His dad's welcome

 The men's line up for reading Scripture

 His speech

 Men's prayer

 The Bovee's song

After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed food, fellowship, and then a special act by 3 local comedians.  There was much visiting, dancing, and enjoying the time to just hang out with one another at a special time for a young man.  

Party favors

Order of events for the afternoon

Some of Zeky's best buds put him on a chair and carried him around the room singing Hava Nagila, meaning Let us Rejoice, while the guests all clapped their hands.  It was a very memorable moment and super special!  

 Casie found this great idea for the guest book.  This is Zeky's bedroom door that all the guests wrote on.  There are some special words on that door!

 There was some great dancing going on too, led by Zeky's dad and Aunt Monica.

 Since I wasn't in charge of the photo booth area I didn't get too many of those, but I was able to get one of our family before the whole night was over.  What a fun thing to add to a party!  I hope all the families made sure to get at least one picture in.

And the beautiful Brothers girls at the photo booth.  So much fun with friends and family!

It was a superb CeLeBration!  We all pray that Zeky continues to walk in truthfulness and as each day goes by, grows more and more into a wonderful man.  Blessings to the whole Brothers family!

If you want to see more pics of the guests at the party, check out this blog post here of this same Celebration only with more people in the pics.  :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Little Man 1st Birthday - Mustache and Bow Ties

Looks like I'm on the blogging end of the parties this fall and into winter.  Casie has some great parties going on, and I'm glad to be  able to help her and then share them with all of our readers.  

Her littlest guy turned 1, and she planned a fun party for him along with a cute photo shoot before his birthday.  This guy sure steals everyone's hearts and is the cutest thing ever.  He made this Little Man CeLeBration look completely perfect for all who attended.  
Laura Kidd Photography did such a great job capturing this Little Man's every day expressions.  

 And a new expression of not wanting to have messy hands.

Let the party begin!  Casie went with a Little Man theme, complete with mustaches and bow ties.  

 She used the banner from the Celebration that I gave her after Yahkiyn was born.  I love that she uses it for his monthly photo shoot and now for his first birthday.  She's putting it to good use!

All of the foods had the best names on the labels and was perfect for this theme.  She is such a clever party planner.

 Another delicious cake by Layers of Flavor.

What a fun 1st birthday idea for the cutest little guy around.  The colors, patterns, props, and food names made this small detail party, really fun.  Sometimes all it takes is a few clever ideas to make your party something that everyone will enjoy.  It doesn't have to be real elaborate.  The love is in the people who attend.  Anything else on top of that is just a bonus to the guests.  :)

Happy  Birthday, Yahkiyn!