Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Little Man 1st Birthday - Mustache and Bow Ties

Looks like I'm on the blogging end of the parties this fall and into winter.  Casie has some great parties going on, and I'm glad to be  able to help her and then share them with all of our readers.  

Her littlest guy turned 1, and she planned a fun party for him along with a cute photo shoot before his birthday.  This guy sure steals everyone's hearts and is the cutest thing ever.  He made this Little Man CeLeBration look completely perfect for all who attended.  
Laura Kidd Photography did such a great job capturing this Little Man's every day expressions.  

 And a new expression of not wanting to have messy hands.

Let the party begin!  Casie went with a Little Man theme, complete with mustaches and bow ties.  

 She used the banner from the Celebration that I gave her after Yahkiyn was born.  I love that she uses it for his monthly photo shoot and now for his first birthday.  She's putting it to good use!

All of the foods had the best names on the labels and was perfect for this theme.  She is such a clever party planner.

 Another delicious cake by Layers of Flavor.

What a fun 1st birthday idea for the cutest little guy around.  The colors, patterns, props, and food names made this small detail party, really fun.  Sometimes all it takes is a few clever ideas to make your party something that everyone will enjoy.  It doesn't have to be real elaborate.  The love is in the people who attend.  Anything else on top of that is just a bonus to the guests.  :)

Happy  Birthday, Yahkiyn!

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