Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rustic Fall Wedding

 We adore going to our close friends' weddings, being apart, and helping where we can.  This one had only a few of our added touches, but a lot of the sister and mother's touches that made this wedding absolutely perfect for the bride.  The dad of the bride created a lot of wooden elements to add some great rustic and natural look to it all and some of our creations from the sunflower celebration that we had for this bride were used in the wedding as well.  Love it when decorations can be used again and again to get full use out of them.  

 This beautiful cake and the cupcakes were made by Layers of Flavors.  So delicious!

 Such a clever and fun guest book.  Something they can hang on their wall and remember all who came to support them. 

 The groom's dad made this cute little house for the cards.  Some crafty people in these two families!

The CLBs with the beautiful bride, Maggie.

Besides a beautiful, small, and intimate ceremony, delicious cake and cookies, visiting with lots of friends, old and new, there was some great dancing that happened.  The children loved all the space to run and dance AND we adults enjoyed some dancing as well.  Our husbands don't get in on the action on our blog posts much, other than you seeing a lot of what they help us with, but today, you get to see them dancing with us.
The Bovees love trying.

The Brothers love making it look so easy and amazing!

Together we have a good time with it!
We do love CeLeBrating!  

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