Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrating for Cents!!

Here at CLB Celebrations, as stay at home moms, we understand what it means to be on a budget. We are aware of what it can cost to pay a party planner or caterer for your special occasion. That's why we've chosen to take a new approach in our blog. We want to offer ways to Celebrate for Cents! In all of our parties you can find ways that we've gone about getting a certain look for less. Whether it's from a Mother-in-law's basement...and Mother's collection of boxes.....Un-used canning jars...Dollar store deals... Half-off craft store deals...or garage sales. We find a way to make the most of whats on hand or from bargain bins!
If there's a look you are trying to create but need an idea of how to get the look for less, just ask! We'll be posting more Do it Yourself instructions and tutorials on how to achieve some of the looks you've already seen here on CLB Celebrations and those you'll see in the future! And we'll keep you posted on updated coupons from the main craft stores, so you can maybe even buy those special items you've been eyeing for that big CeLeBration in your life.

Looking forward to helping you Celebrate for Cents!!

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