Monday, August 8, 2011

DIY- Feather Centerpieces

Some weddings and parties have beautiful towers of feathers that stand extremely tall on the tables and look just beautiful. As we usually host smaller Celebrations (30-40 people), I didn't want to have such grand centerpieces, not to mention they are pricey, but wanted the feather look on a smaller scale. So here is what we came up with.

Things you'll need:

You will need feathers of whatever color you choose, floral wire cut in half, wire cutters, and some floral tape.

You will start by wrapping the floral tape around the base of a feather and a floral wire. Wrap them tightly and go down the wire far enough that it holds securely.

And you may have to go up the feather a bit, just to get a good hold also.

We did 10 feathers per centerpiece so however many feathers you want, that is how many you will want to wrap.

Place 10 wire wrapped feathers together, and then wrap more floral tape around all 10 wires to hold them together. This will allow you to spread the feathers out like a fountain AND keep them nicely in place.

Pull each wire up by the feather down until all are evenly spread out all the way around.

Place the wires in a bottle, jug, vase, or any other nice jar that would show off the look of the feathers. We used cobalt blue bottles as our colors were black, white, yellow and blue.

And place them on whatever you choose for the center and WaaLaa, a beautiful look to the center of your tables. We placed ours on a piece of yellow fabric that was hemmed with two pieces of zebra striped velum paper underneath the bottle. Was just the look we wanted!

Check out these centerpieces in the Zebras and Feathers Celebration.

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