Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Fall Wedding Reception

Christi hosted this event with her brother and sister-in-law.  With the mixing of tastes, talent, and wanting to serve their mother, this event was beautiful and blessed!  Enjoy this fall themed wedding reception for two lovely people that are all smiles and in love, if you couldn't tell.  : )

 Tara Bovee from Simply Fabulous Cakes did a wonderful job on the cake!

 Decorating with grasses is beautiful and free if you have some in your home gardens.  These we cut, placed in vases and watched them open up and develop their plume look.  Loved using them and seeing how nice they look in the decor. 

 The cardstock leaves on the side were placed on the tables for the guests to write messages to the newlyweds on.  We sent their card box filled to the top with cards and these leaves home with them to be further blessed.

 A special toast by the young man Linda stays with on occasion. 

Christi with her family and the new member of the family.

Christi and Casie
Always glad when the other is hosting a party, and we can work together to make goodies.  Help with the clean up is awesome too.  : )

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  1. You ladies did a great job... I love me a fall party!


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