Wednesday, September 12, 2012


While Casie plans lovely girlie parties, I set out to surprise Josiah with a tiger party that he thought for sure was going to happen for his birthday.  When his sisters came and told me that they were planning a surprise scavenger hunt for him, I thought while they were outside doing that, I should plan a very small tiger party for him.  Since we just had our 5th child 2 weeks ago, I wasn't really up  for anything too time consuming or extravagant.  So, here are our cheap and plan in 2 days ideas.

He started out his morning searching for pegs and clues, which his sisters put together by themselves.  Apparently his first clue was in a tree.  : )

After his search all over the yard was over with, I made just a few cake balls to make him think that that was his party.  Then they came inside to the real surprise.

 I wanted to count it as a school day, so I incorporated art, a word search about tigers, they made book marks with animal stickers and got some books at the library that were also educational about tigers.  And believe it or not, when I asked him what his favorite part of the whole party was, his response was, "the books"...even though they were borrowed library books.  My children do love good books to read!

 The girls went with Jonathon to a wedding on Saturday and on their way home they stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things for me.  Well they found this Tiger Webkinz and decided they should buy it for Josiah.  He loved it of course!  They also made him a "We Love Josiah Book" that they stamped in and decorated and then the rest of the family also wrote in.  It was a nice thing for them to do and a good gift to encourage him in right ways and what they appreciate about him.

 Benaiah and Saphira even signed it with their handprints and pictures that Benaiah picked for me to draw.

Our lunch was mostly orange and he got the special tiger plate from Grandma Deborah's house.  With meals coming from our church family this week, one of the couple's brought us paper plates so we wouldn't have to do dishes.  The plates happened to be orange, so they fit perfectly in our party. 

So, that was our fun and delightful little party we had for Josiah's 7th birthday.  It's fun CeLeBrating with our children even if it can't be a well thought out, planned to a T party.  He was obviously very happy with the outcome of his little surprise, and I think it made him feel special.  We are blessed with all of our children! 

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