Friday, January 25, 2013

Be Still.... Celebrating a Pregnancy

It's always such an honor to celebrate with a sister the blessing of another little one being added into the family.  I'm finding that I love honoring, encouraging, and celebrating new life with all of my sisters both near and far.  This time I was able to be the assisting planner as there is a lot going on in our neck of the woods these days.  What a blessing to have Celia, the same sister who helped Casie with my Celebration when I was pregnant with Saphira, step up to lend a hand and lead us through this one.  It turned out beautiful as always and was fit perfectly with this mom-to-be.  

We were honored to first plan a surprise wedding for this couple.  You can see that amazing post here.  Now, a few years laters, we are so excited to celebrate their pregnancy!  After tid bits of ideas, we had somewhat of an idea for the direction, but as time went on things changed here and there, were taken away and some things added.  I was set on having children's bible story books as decorations but couldn't quite figure out how to use them for decor and have it not look like a children's party.  Celia kept hearing the verse "Be still and know that I am Yah".  After thinking on all our ideas we came up with a Celebration that would encourage her in being still with the important things in her life even after baby comes and demands extra time from her.  So, we went the saying, "Be Still With Yah", "Be Still With Your Husband", Be Still With Yourself", and "Be Still With Your Children".  At the end of the celebration she shared how this was truly speaking to her heart as the Father has been speaking the concept of being still to her for awhile now.  Is always a blessing to hear how He has orchestrated every aspect of the Celebration.  This one was no different. 

For food we went with foods that tend to leave a feeling of stillness, rest and tranquillity.  We had bread with dipping oils, cheese, and grapes.  It was so simple but so delicious!  Loved this idea very much!

We decorated with lanterns to give the feeling of stillness.  For the tables we used a ribbon wrapped around Bible story books (Lovelyn reads a Bible story every night to her daughter) to go with "Be Still With Your Children".  We also included a small lantern, an oil jar used as a vase with berry and cedar flowers as the bouquet, and other papers that were used for the other areas of being still.  The small books were to be filled out with ideas for Lovelyn to Be Still With Her Husband.  Date ideas or just short moments together ideas were written in the books then hung on a piece of yarn.  The papers laying on the table were used to write down ideas for her to Be Still With Herself and ways to Be Still With Yah.  These were put in a vase and then in a book for her to look through later as an encouragement when she needs uplifted after a long day. 

We usually have a sharing time, so we provided Scriptures for anyone wanting to share one with her or to look up a verse to share on the paper of Be Still With Yah.

Lovelyn's sister-in-law, Vicky putting her papers in their designated places.

Another sister shared with us her gift of embroidery and made these super cute signs.  We made felt flowers to add to them and what a wonderful gift to send home with her to remind her of the special time with her sisters.

 Lovely plates full of food and lovely friends!

Mini Chocolate Lave Cakes and rose shaped ice cream were for dessert.  We decided to help the ladies have the feeling of being still also, so we asked a few of the young ladies to walk around and serve the sisters.  It was delightful to be served and a neat way for the younger ones to be a part of serving their sisters.  And I might add that these were the perfect amounts to top off some already amazingly delicious foods. 

 Thank you girls for serving!

 We enjoy taking time to share with our sister words of encouragement and edification.  While ladies did that, some washed her feet.  We don't always do gifts but there were some here, so while she opened those, I gave her a foot massage.  Several of the ladies went together to give her the diaper bag that she has been wanting.  Was a special gift to her and one that she will get good use out of. 

 Another special thing we do is ask the husband to write a little letter to her that is read by one of the ladies.  It's always a blessed time for the mom-to-be and fun for us to hear how the husband loves his wife.  The letters always bring out the personality of the husband and are always so neat. 

 Celia and I at our table of sisters!

 I had to post my little girlie with the older girlies. 

 Such a blessed time of being still and loving on our sister!

Thank you to Lovelyn for letting us bless you in this way, and to Celia for taking charge, and to all who participated and gave us a hand.  As you can see we had one lovely lady we were able to bless and CeLeBrate.  Looking forward to the little blessing soon to come!

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