Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Food Facts and Figures

While figuring out how much food we needed to feed our guests, we most often end up with more food than we need. Ask our husbands. : ) So, this time around, while we were cutting up veggies, a friend (thanks, Celia) suggested we keep track of how much we need, so we can buy the right amounts for each party. Here is what we came up with for the veggies that were purchased. You can see in the picture above how we cut them and used them in the Lavender Celebration. Oh, each number is for an average sized vegetable.

Pepper- 20 slices
Carrot- 6 sticks
Cucumber- 22 slices
Pint of Grape Tomatoes- approx. 45
Brocolli- A LOT of floretts
Cauliflower- A LOT more than brocolli floretts

We generally have 36 ladies at our Celebrations. We bought waaaayyyy too much, but you can be sure next time around, we'll be able to easily figure how much we need. Thanks again, Celia for this great tip on buying veggies.

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