Thursday, February 17, 2011

Violet Wedding Celebration

Here at CLB CeLeBrations!, when it comes to bridal or baby showers, you won't find us playing traditional games or doing the typical party ideas. We choose to give honor to the guest of honor by doing nontraditional acts of love. This is our first post of hopefully many where you can gather ideas to show your friends and family that you truly love and honor them during this special time in their life.

This was our first Wedding Celebration in honor of a very wonderful lady, Bethany. Because of her love for flowers, we chose to have fresh flowers around the room and even on the cakes. These little mini cakes were adorable in size and beautiful in looks.

We had enough for each lady, but after they took their first bite, I think we should have made at least two for each one.
They were made with a vanilla cake, raspberry filling, and Rich's Better Creme frosting, which is one of our favorite frostings. It's not too sugary like some cakes and more whippy like cool whip, only tastier. It's delicious! And the flowers were edible too, coming straight from my flower beds at home. We had a very elegant evening with a complete meal and candle light. Since we were preparing the meal and all those cakes, we decided to make the center pieces simple yet pretty. Candles, real zinnias and light purple gem stones on top of a mirror were just perfect for the center of our tables.

Next comes what we do in place of games and silly stuff. We typically have ladies bring a poem, story, word of advice, or Verse from the Bible that they would like to share with the guest of honor. It's open to whoever wants to share and during this time we prepare a basin of water and let her feet soak while ladies take turns (if they choose to) washing her feet.

I love this picture as it is her great grandma and grandma together washing her feet. What a blessing for her to be loved and served in this way.

This is her mother-in-law to be, and can you tell from the look on their faces that this coming wedding is a joy to them both. After I feel that most of the ladies have washed her feet that might want to, I sit at her feet with a towel and lotion. She gets them dried, then massaged really good. Who wouldn't want a wonderful foot massage while being encouraged to be a good and godly wife.

As part of our gift to her, two of the ladies made her a quilt, and then we had it quilted together for her. I didn't get a picture of it unwrapped, but it was very pretty!

We usually try to plan something exra special for the guest of honor and for this one, one of the ladies put together a wonderful video of the men in Bethany's life. Bethany has two brothers, a wonderful dad, and then of course her husband-to-be. While music was in the background, and pictures were displayed of Bethany from her childhood and old memories, the men each took a turn sharing their thoughts for their sister, daughter, and soon-to-be wife. This was so special and yes, a box of kleenex were handy for everyone. : )

The picture on the screen in this picture is of Bethany with her dad. What a great gift for her to take home to reflect back on even after the wedding.

Be encouraged to think outside the box of the normal "shower" ideas when planning a party for someone that you love dearly and are excited for. Once you've done some of these acts a few times, they don't feel so strange and once you've received these acts of truly being honored, you'll want to find someone else to do them for. Let us know if you plan on truly honoring your friend or family member during a time that is to be CeLeBrated.

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