Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surprise Wedding Celebration

Oh what the internet can do these days! In the case of this wonderful couple, it helped them find each other. After meeting online, Thad flew across the world to meet Lovelyn face to face. While in her native country he proposed, and later that year she flew to the U.S. where the two were immediately married in the local courthouse. Fast forward one year, and that is where the Celebration comes in! As a surprise, we decided to bless them with the wedding they both had dreamed of.

We decided it wouldn't be quite right to keep this a surprise right up until they walked down the aisle, so on Wednesday, we informed them of the happenings that were going to take place on Friday. This gave Lovelyn a chance to get around some things that she really wanted to have at her wedding. I am so glad that it worked out that way!

As a body of believers in Christ, that love to be a part of all aspects of life within our fellowship, everyone stepped up and gave above and beyond what we needed to make this a grand event for them. We were able to borrow flowers, decorations, people gave jewelry, more flowers and some offered their gifts that could be of help in all different aspects of planning a surprise wedding.

The day of the wedding, Casie and I ran around making sure everything was in order. Ceremony details, reception details, all aspects in place. We couldn't have done it without the help of so many people. The ladies surrounded Lovelyn with so much love, helping her with her dress, makeup, and hair. What a beauty!

If that smile doesn't say it all, I don't know what would. So blessed with all the extra hands to make a heavy load lighter.

Even her veil was handmade by a lady from our church. Hair-check. Makeup-check. Jewelry-check. Veil-check. Beautifulness-check, check!

During the ceremony we had Lovelyn's family on Skype from across the world. It was a little tricky, but they were with us and I am so glad it worked out!

Because we were running all over doing lots of odds and ends, we decided to just ask everybody to bring snacky foods for the evening. This freed up our time and allowed everybody else to share in the food prep. The counter was FULL with deliciousness! What a blessing!

We went with the colors red, black, and white. For the center pieces, we used mirrors and put chocolate covered strawberries and a candle on each one, then wrapped hershey kisses in black tulle and tied them up for each person to take home or eat there. Whichever came first. : )

We also did the cakes which were beautiful and delicious! I don't even remember what kinds they were except that one of them was chocolate. We used the Rich's Better Creme frosting, then topped them with strawberries and chocolate squiggles. They look like cakes fit for a CeLeBration!
With all the giving, serving, and extra help, this wedding proved to be a celebration for two people who deserved what their hearts longed for. And with extra money in the donations, we were able to send them to a Bed and Breakfast for a night to bask in the love of their church family.

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  1. Thad and Lovelyn's wedding blessed me beyond measure. The love exhibited by their church family in the food, cakes, decorations, dress and even a ring was amazing. My favorite part was that you skyped in her family so that they could share the blessing. Great job, girls.


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