Friday, February 18, 2011

Hawaiian Celebration

Can you feel the sun on your face, hear the ukulele playing, and taste the juicy pineapple? If we can't go there, we'll bring Hawaii to you. We did just that with this Hawaiian themed Baby Celebration. Our vision was to have a grand fruit display and then everything else was gathered to go with that.
Some extra hands for washing and cutting fruit comes in handy, and if you go here you can find out how to make those wonderful pineapple palm trees on the ends. They were super easy and made the look of the theme so much more tropical.

For our fruit display we used green and purple grapes, blueberries, pineapple, strawberries. cantaloupe, watermelon, and bananas. Around the very base of it all we used leafy lettuce.

It was so pretty we couldn't watch the ladies as they filled their plates and demolished our creation. No, not really! Everyone really enjoyed it!

Along with the fruit we had cheese, turkey ham, smoked turkey and olives on toothpicks. Notice the skittles in large shells. We used shells to help bring in the beach feel.

We had these sitting on each plate at the tables. Waffle cone bowls, dipped in chococlate then sprinkled with coconut. The filling is a dip for the fruit and an umbrella completes the look.

Just so there wasn't all fruit, we did add the meet and cheese tray that I showed earlier and veggies and some crackers and dip. And we kept the colorful theme going. With all the colors it made for such a bright and vibrant party. The guests couldn't wipe smiles off their faces.
Our invitations were handmade using different kinds of paper, stamps, and sand. We wanted the ladies to get a feel for the celebration as soon as they looked at the invites.

Don't ya just love this little guy? For the center pieces we used a turquoise piece of material, put the fish bowls, with gold fish and jewel stones in the bottom, on the material, put some sand around that and placed shells in the sand.

Diaper cakes are so much fun and help blend the theme in with the baby part of it. For this Hawaiian themed cake, we used sandals, sunglasses, squirt toys, and topped it with colorful, fish burp cloths.

Here is the guest of honor, Bethany. One fun thing we did, was had the younger girls pass out leis to the ladies as they came in. We had a nicer one for Bethany and even used some for decoration on the diaper cake.

The ladies are diggin' in to the food. The fruit was so refreshing and light. If you don't want all the sugary desserts, go with a fruit display. It's beautiful and delicious!

A beach ball hung from above every table just to add some fun!

Time to honor our soon-to-be momma. We fixed her a basin of water and as the ladies took turns washing her feet and sharing their advice, poems and stories, her niece decided to have a little soak too. Was so cute and a great addition to the sharing time.

Bethany and Christi (that's me) after the blessing of another successful CeLeBration!

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  1. This one is my favorite! I love the real fish, the fruit, the beach balls... Well I guess I should just say, I love it all :D


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