Friday, February 18, 2011

Tea For Two

Generally, we do Celebrations when the lady is expecting, but this time we did it shortly after she had her second little girl. So, since the baby was born and would be attending the celebration also, "Tea For Two" seemed to be a fitting theme. Celia, our guest of honor had always wanted a tea party with cakes and cookies, tea and hats. This was so much fun!

Isn't this display a cookie lover's dream! Casie found the adorable little tea set that we put on the diaper cake in the center, and from that we created our colors. Purple, pink, and aqua frosting, chocolate clay creations, and ribbons all helped tie everything back to the children's tea set.

The invitations were done very simply, but with a touch of gold to help encourage the ladies to come in their fancy attire. We use different colors of paper, stamps, paper punches, and for this one, we used a gold embossing powder to make the tea cup raised and shiny on the invite.

We requested ladies to volunteer to bring cookies ahead of time, and we arranged them, giving each one a label to clarify for those with food allergies.

Chocolate clay is similar to fondant in how it is worked with. We wanted some cute cupcake toppers and something really special for the cake. The clay flowers, polka dots and tea cup and saucer became just what we were hoping for- cute and delicious!

The diaper cake was our center piece for the display and consisted of blow pops, children's play tea set, hair bows, and burp cloths, with the base covered in a blanket that matched the burp cloths.

The tea pot and cup were labels for the cakes while the other style of tags were for the tea and cookies.

In the center of each table we used jelly jars for vases with fresh flowers from my garden. The smaller jars were used to hold candy with honey dipped spoons. These can be tricky and stick together if you aren't careful, but they made such a great addition to the tables, and the children even liked them as lollipops.

In the invitation we asked the ladies to bring their own special tea cup. What a variation of shapes, sizes and colors. It was fun just to walk around the room to see who brought what. And we did have a time after we ate for ladies to share about their cup, where they got it from, if there is any special meaning or story with it. It was very enjoyable to hear some of the stories that went along with these little pieces of art. We also shared motherly advice, Scripture, and poems to encourage our friend in being a wonderful mother.
To honor Celia, a song was put together to the tune of "Tea For Two". Different ladies popped up from different tables all over the room singing a line or two and acting out what they were singing about ("dishes can wait...." the lady threw a dish towel over her shoulder). The last couple lines were sung by her mother-in-law, "You will raise a family. Two girls for now, more we'll see". Then all the ladies together sang, "It's tea for two, and two for tea". Was very delightful having so many ladies participate and put their fears aside of singing infront of others.
Our guest of honor definitely enjoyed her tea party and felt honored. As ladies donned their hats and sipped their tea, we all CeLeBrated another life into our church family. What a blessing!

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