Sunday, February 20, 2011

Drive-In Movie Theater (School Party)

Some cardboard boxes, crafting supplies, play cash register, junk food, and a good movie = a super fun party with our children to celebrate being halfway done with school for this year. During the middle of the school year in Indiana, it's snowy and cold, most likely. We thought this theme would be perfect, bringing an outside event into the warmth. These are the children's cars all fixed up and ready to head to the movies. A glue gun and lots of fun supplies are necessary for cars that fit each one's personality.

The snack stand served as a great and fun tool for teaching the children about counting money in a realistic way. The older ones ran the cash register, counting change and serving the food with an "Enjoy the movie". The younger ones had to figure out how much money to give the cashier to pay for their food and how much they could buy with the amount they had. There were lots of good lessons involved, and they learned a lot while having great fun!

A small postage box for each child was the perfect size for their food tray that we attached onto their car with clothes pins.

And be sure to pick a good movie that the whole family can enjoy. The children love when the parents participate and spend the time with them. If I would have been thinking ahead a little, I would have made sure there were refrigerator boxes for us adults to make cars out of. How fun would that be? Nothing wrong with the adults getting in on the fun and CeLeBrating right along side the children.

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  1. The kids in the cars are too much! What a wonderful idea--I think I'll have to try this one out in the future...


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