Monday, March 21, 2011

Vintage Cute as a Button

This weekend we had the honor of doing a "Cute as a Button" pregnancy Celebration for a friend and sister in our church. We had such a great time finding ideas that would fit her personality and likes as a seamstress, lover of nature and all things vintage. With having the Celebration at 10:30am we thought a brunch would be lovely, so we had ladies from church volunteer to bring in the food. We made the Pie Pops and Dipped Gingersnaps to go along with our theme. To see how we made the Gingersnaps look like buttons, check out our DIY post, which does include the recipe that so many of you have asked for. Don't get too excited, but the secret Dipped Gingersnap recipe is now out! : )
The guest of honor, Carie and her mother.

Christi's husband gets points for this creation. He hand constructed this walnut branched/button chandelier, using small willow branches and bark to tie it all together. We strung buttons and turned his work into a natural element for above the food table. This was given to Carie, which I believe she said she might hang in the nursery. We loved it!

The flowers on the Pie Pop holders were hair clips that can be worn by
the new baby and big sister.

The coffee (with yummy creamers) and toast table were a hot area. Or should I say smokey area. Haha! Make sure all appliances work as they should before hand. : )

The mother brought this along to display for all to enjoy.

While ladies share their words of encouragement, Scripture, or thoughts on motherhood, the ladies take turns washing the mother's feet. When all are finished, Christi dries her feet and gives them a good massage. It's a blessing to be able to serve her in this way!
We also have the husband write something that one of the ladies reads aloud. It's a surprise and is usually very touching. I must say the men in our fellowship are surprising when they are put on the spot for their words to be read infront of all the ladies.
For the vintage look, we used old wooden spools that we put button bouquets in. These turned out so cute! A vintage designed scrapbook page in the center of the table, with the button bouquets and some tiny spools laying around were the perfect table centerpieces. Continueing the theme of Cute as a Button we sewed buttons on the front of the table cloth on the food table. We also used old wooden spools for the food labels. You just can't have enough buttons!

Christi, Carie, and Casie

It's a joy to be able to honor such a sweet sister in this way, and to CeLeBrate yet another baby that will very soon be welcomed with open arms into our church family!

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