Monday, March 14, 2011

Milk & Cookies

Last minute, we decided to put together a fun Milk and Cookies party for Casie's daughter, Amalyah, who is now 2!!! In a couple weeks we had the ideas ready and were excited to see how it would all come together with such quick planning. Here is what our planned party on a whim looked like.

We made tissue paper poms to hang from the ceiling and then made these mini poms to put in clean Frappacino bottles.

The stand with the boa and the one with the strawberry wafers were an easy DIY project that Casie found at Joys Hope and had a fun time experimenting with. Casie used brown paint for the candlesticks and pink for the trays. The possibilities with this project is endless, and we are seeing what all we can do in the future with these trays. Yay! for fun and cheap ideas to make every table a pleasure to put together.

Casie found this mobile at Hobby Lobby on the clearance rack. I'm thinking we can use this for other Celebrations as well. Take those stringed circles off and add our own dangling prettiness.

The birthday girl is ready for some cookies. Let the Celebrating of Amalyah's life begin!!!

I love this, that she dipped her cookies. So meticulous in her dipping.

Gotta take a break from dipping to smile!
With two cookies for each child, we layed out the goods of frosting, sprinkles, and m&ms to use as decoration. They had so much fun making masterpieces that were then bagged up for them to take home.

Now that girl knows how to decorate a cookie!!!

Celebrating the life of our children is such a joy! Children are a blessing, and we love rejoicing not just on the day of their birth, but everyday for the little lives that God has entrusted to us.
Christi & Casie, decor in place, ready for guests.
Casie and Christi included all their favorites on the cookie table, and some Gluten Free (were labeled with a G.F. at the end of the name on the labels) choices as well. The following is a list of what were enjoyed by all the guests:
Snickerdoodles G.F.
Granola Balls
Chocolate Sandwich Cookies G.F.
Strawberry Wafers
Thumbprint Cookies G.F.
Peanut Butter Twix Cookies G.F.
Sugar Cookies
Mint Chocolate Straws
AND pink and brown Sixlets candies
We delight in being frugal spenders for parties, yet having a beautiful and eye catching display. We take our own pictures (or our husbands or friends), create all the paper labels and tags and bounce our ideas off of each other for the other to make happen. We say we have little men in our heads that work really hard to come up with ideas. We sure keep them busy! : )
Thank you for stopping by and being a part of another CeLeBration! Nothing like dipping your cookies in cold milk or washing down a delicious bite of sugary goodness with a swig of milk. It was fun and all the guests enjoyed every bite of it!


  1. This one is my favorite!!! The colors and decorations were absolutely beautiful!!! Everything about it was perfect!! You have both been given such awesome gifts and talents!!! SOooo very beautiful!!!!!!! :)
    Joni ~

  2. This milk and cookie party was so stinkin cute! Very creative idea and the colors were great! Can't go wrong with brown and pink! My personal favorite party! You ladies are very talented!!


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