Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black, Red, Silver Grad. Party

What a perfect day for helping with a party! Our friends, Naomi and Tina asked us to assist them with a double graduation party for Naomi, graduating from Nursing school, and Tina's son, Steeley, graduating from high school. The party was held at a local park, so having a gorgeous day was great so guests could be outside and enjoy the park as well. We had a great line up of food and a candy bar with take out boxes. So, without further delay, let's check out the party pics.

Meatballs, chicken salad dip, cheese, crackers and a veggie tray were great combinations and helped balance out the blood sugar from the candy table. : )

They went with black, red, and silver for the colors and stayed with that color scheme with all the candy. It turned out very nice!

What a perfect picture with similar colors. With a nursing graduate, there had to be a sign to caution the candy eating.

We covered postal boxes with aluminum foil and wrapped with ribbon, then Casie made some cute bows to attach at the middle. And we highly recommend a nice silver pen. It lasted through this party of label making, but not through our next one with our invitations. It was such a great pen, I think we need keep those on hand.

To hold the cake balls, we used a wooden CD stand. Layed it flat and put some styrofoam in it to make the balls sit higher and covered it with aluminum foil and ribbon. I believe we will keep that on hand for future Celebrations. It just shows that you should always keep your eyes open for a creative way to use objects that weren't necessarily meant for party purposes.

This was our first attempt at cake balls. We were hoping to have cake pops, but it seems we need a little more practice and ended up just having balls. They were really enjoyed by everyone though, so these will be getting made more.

Casie's Strawberry Lemonade is always a hit as well. Delicious, refreshing, and pretty to look at too.

Now that we covered all the food and drink, we better show the tables too. They were such a clever idea, perfect for any party with your own personalized picture.

Jones Bottles with your own picture on it! Isn't it great!

This one is Steeley's, with a yoyo between his fingers....

And Naomi's, when she was in school during needle pokings.

We tied balloons to each bottle, put them on the tables and in the windows to bring some fun to the decor.

Christi, Casie, Naomi, Tina and Karna

All the ladies who worked at making this party a very successful, fun and blessed event. It truly was a CeLeBration of family, friends and great accomplishments by two accomplished people.

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