Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fondant Flamingo Cake Pops

We decided it's time we start working with fondant. You just never know if we might need it in the future. A friend of Christi's is considering having a party for her mom with the theme of pink flamingos. After doing some looking into flamingo cake pops, we thought we better see what we could do, just for the fun of it. We are always game for a good challenge. : )

So, these flamingos are strawberry cake pops surrounded with homemade fondant. Would have liked the necks to stretch, but I guess we needed our fondant a little stiffer or wires to help us with the stretch. Learning as we go, and this was a good first time experiment. Always up for a challenge. Any suggestions you would like to see done in cake pops? Maybe during our next evening of experimentation, we'll try your idea out! That is if we don't have some other amazing idea in our heads. : ) One never knows what we'll come up with next.

End of this month is our next CeLeBration! So excited for this one! You'll definitely want to check back in!

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