Friday, July 15, 2011

Just a little sneak peek, Heehee.

I am surviving without Casie lending me her ideas, thoughts and style, but I must say, it's a good thing that this is truly something worth celebrating because I miss having her help me. I am thankful for the ladies that are helping, and they have been a super help so far!

So, here it is. Her invitation, blurred and crystalized. We have some fabulous ideas coming up. Tomorrow she will get her invitation, and then I will post the clear version of her invite on this post. Any guesses as to what we will be doing at her party based on what you think might be on the invitation? We like guessing games and for our fans to give their input on party ideas. You never know when we might use one of your's and send you a little something thanking you for the idea. We will have some great tutorials after this Celebration that are inexpensive yet stylish designs. Do come back in mid August to check out the party after it's over with. It's gonna be one of those CeLeBrations that you just can't stop smiling at.

The clear and detailed invitation!

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