Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paper Fans for Warm Summer Parties

Since we were unsure of how warm it would be for our outside Lavender Celebration, we decided that we should make some pretty fans for the ladies to use if need be. These were super easy, inexpensive and looked pretty on the tables. And boy were the ladies thankful for them as it was a scorcher!

We used the idea from here and made them just a shade smaller than the template here. Our reasoning for making them smaller was so that we could get 2 fans from one sheet of 12x12 card stock paper. It worked perfectly and saved money in buying paper. Also, if you are on the look out for paper to go on sale, we bought this gorgeous, sparkly, purple paper at Joanns, 6 sheets for $1.00. That is a great price for this fancy paper!

Sorry we don't have a picture tutorial, but really they are quite simple to make. You will need two fan patterns per fan, one large popcycle stick, glue, and ribbon or jewels (whatever you want to spruce it up a bit).

Glue the paper, one on each side of the stick. Glue the paper together at the ends to make it sturdier. Add whatever extras you want to make it glamorous. We like glam around here! : )

One suggestion, we did not make one for each lady as we thought they could share as they probably weren't going to fan themselves every second of the party. Now, I kinda think we should have made enough for each lady. It was hot out there, and I would have loved to have had one to use. The party planner always loses out....well, in regards to those things, but definitely gained the blessing of planning something to be there that the ladies could use to keep cool. And these can double as a party favor too! Such a great, inexpensive idea! Let us know if you try it at your next party!


  1. I wish I would of had one of these fans a couple of weeks ago at a graduation I attented... Whew!! it was so hot!

    New follower!! Stop by and say hello... and I do love comments!

  2. I tried to follow you fan pattern link and it was "broken". Just letting you know.

  3. Oh, thanks, Celia! I believe I fixed it. Hope you'll try again. And if you make these, let us know or send us a picture. Stay cool!


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