Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mini Pom Pom Ice Cream Cone Tutorial

How cute are these little hanging wonders!?!?! Let us show you how to create your own!

Here's what you will need-

Tissue paper (with your color choice) (8-10 sheets makes 4 mini pom poms)

~Floral wire ~Fishing line ~Scissors ~ Hot glue

~waffle cones (or bowls if you want to make sundaes)

First, you want to start off by laying 8-10 sheets of tissue paper on a flat surface.
Find the center and cut in half.

Cut those halves in half again.
(You should now have 4 stacks of 8-10 sheets of tissue paper)

Take one section and fold into 1 inch sections accordian style.

Once folded, take a piece of floral wire (I cut mine in half for the mini poms) and wrap it around the folded tissue paper.
In this step, you will also want to tie your fishing line around the floral wire and tie it off to your desired length.

At this point you can leave your edges straight, round them, or even cut them to a point.
** you'll see in the next picture, scissors are SHARP...use them with caution. They can cut you.

Pull tissue paper apart piece by piece until all are apart and you have a pretty little poof!

Like so!

Take your hot glue and glue around the edges of your waffle cone.
Attach pom to cone and let dry before hanging.
Just like that, you have a fancy little decoration for any ice cream party!

These cones can easily be adapted into cute little sundae centerpieces or table decoration.

Just add sprinkles and a soft red pom for a cherry and I glued a sprinkle on top for the stem.

The possibilities are endless!


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  1. These are perfect.Thank you for sharing. I saw many ideas for big pom poms ice cream cones, but there were huge (not to mention alot of work) and none mentioned how too attach a cone to it. Thank you for clear instructions.


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