Monday, August 1, 2011

3 Tiered Stands

First, after looking through my pictures and Celebrations, I realized that there was one party that we did not use our 3 tiered stand at. The Ice Cream Sundae Party didn't require the stand, but all the rest we've used our stand for. We have begun accumulating things such as this that we can use over and over at Celebrations, but buying new just isn't in our budget, and I'm guessing that it wouldn't be in your's either. When I began looking online, I was very surprised to see that one could pay anywhere from $30 to $50 for a nice 3 tiered stand. The one below was priced at $49.99. But let's look at some ideas for getting these cheaper, such as how we got our's.

Our families decided last winter to take a vacation together to Florida. What a great idea it turned out to be too! Not only did we make lots of memories and have a wonderful time doing it, we also found some much needed and usable items on the day that us ladies got to have a shopping day. We were in search of material that would make great vintage fabric envelopes, and we found that at a Salvation Army. We ended up with a crib skirt with the look we wanted, and that is what we used to make our envelopes for the Cute as a Button invitation. I believe we paid $3.00 for the crib skirt, that made 40 fabric envelopes that turned out just perfect!

We were happy because that was all we were really in search of until we happened upon the 3 tiered stand at a Goodwill. It was decked out with fake florals and looked like maybe somebody used it for a wedding. I believe they covered up the usefulness of this piece with all the extras. We debated purchasing it, but then decided that we could definitely use it. And boy are we glad now that we did. We spent a whopping $6.00 on it at Goodwill. Goodwills and Salvation Army stores are just wonderful for finding these kinds of things at. And if you can go on half price days, that makes the deal even sweeter! So, here are just a few of the Celebrations that we have used it at. And you better believe it will be serving its purpose at Casie's Celebration this coming weekend. Getting so excited to unveil all the details to her when she walks in. : )

Chicken Salad Croissants on purple cabbage leaves for the Lavender Celebration

Grapes and Caramel Corn at the Fruit of the Spirit School Program


  1. Hello, I thought of you the other day. I was at our local farmers market and there was a woman there selling homemade tiered stands. I thought I'd really like to buy one and give it to you guys, but with limited funds and the tiny chance that I would see you anytime soon, I figured I'd better send a note instead.

    Ok, let me see if I can explain how she did it. She took an old glass plate and placed a clear candle stick upside down in the middle of the plate, then she stuck a smaller plate on top of that. The candle stick was one of those cheap ones that they use at weddings. Many of the churches I have been to have boxes of them stored away.

    So there is a little inspiration. Inexpensive, colorful, tiered stands.

  2. We love that you were thinking about us! And it is a great idea! We need to do more digging at the fellowship for things like this that we can make new into something better.


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