Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo Booth- Zebras & Feathers Celebration

For most of our Celebrations, we choose what happens, the theme, and the decorations. But for this one, I guess since Casie is usually in the center of all the planning, I decided to go with one of her ideas, and it was a good one too! Casie really wanted a photo booth and with the decor we went with, it was perfect. You want to remember to have a solid background. We used a black sheet as the background of the food table, and then used the other side for our photo booth. Worked perfectly! Make sure you have a basket full of props. Those can vary depending on the theme of your party or what you want the feel of your pictures to be like. We wanted just lots of fun girly props, feather boas, pearls, feather hair clip, hats, black tulle to drape, fur , parasol unbrella, scarves and don't forget a frame. Just a few ideas and really the ideas are endless! So, here they are. Most all of the pictures from the day. What fun we all had!

Lots of ideas, props and personalities can certainly add to any photo booth. It's fun, memorable and creative. Let us know if you have done photo booths and comment with a link of so we can see more ideas. Go for it! Ask friends what kind of props they have, and it doesn't have to cost you much at all. All of our props were provided by friends who attended the Celebration. I did buy the parasol but on clearance because it was broken. After much fixing, we got it to working and ready for some great photos at just a fraction of the cost of a new and fully functioning one. Anything goes really in a photo booth, so be creative and have some fun! : )

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