Monday, August 22, 2011

Books and Butterfly Land

We were both invited to this lovely outdoor celebration of two little girl's lives. Ruth turned 1 and Shalom turned 3! Their mom, Celia planned a wonderful party for them using books and butterflies as the theme. Come along to butterfly land and enjoy her creative ideas in this whimsical party.

This family decided that since they are so blessed, they wanted to give back in honor of their daughters. They chose to have each guest bring a children's book that they will be donating to R.E.T.A ( What a great idea to begin teaching children at such a young age to give and not just receive.

Celia also took some ideas from our blog, so we appreciate her stopping by and enjoying our blog and using ideas. She used our hand fans for guests to stay cool. And after the Zebras & Stripes Celebration she decided that she wanted to do silhouettes of the girls. I loved this idea and it looked so cute!

The little guests enjoyed wearing tutus and flying in their butterfly wings. Celia found these adorable butterfly wings at Dollar General for $2.00 a piece. They are meant to stick on something, but she attached loops of elastic so the girls could wear them. Great idea and added so much more fun for the girls. The boys enjoyed flying their vintage airplanes that were their party favor.

An adorable little corner was set up for stories to be read. A yellow tent with butterfly books tucked away for the butterflies to read. I loved how this party wasn't just fun, but it was educational too. With a story area that was full of books with information about butterflies and tidbits on the tables about butterflies, this fun party became a great time for the children to learn too.

Such creative ideas and fun for everyone! Their backyard was the perfect location for the butterflies to fly!

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