Friday, September 16, 2011

A Celebration to Renew a Promise of Love

Often times in preparing for a Celebration, we stay up quite late getting things ready.  This one was no different except for the fact that the event was to take place at 7:30 in the morning and that I didn't have my (Christi) party partner (Casie) helping me (Although my husband filled in the gap very nicely. Thanks, honey!).  This Celebration was put together out of honor for my parents. 

In our younger years, sometimes there are moments that we would like to do over again.  This Celebration was to create a new memory and renew promises in a new and sincere way.  Everything was created by me from the food, the flowers, the paper details, and everything in between.  The banner was especially fun as I made each rectangle into an envelope that contained notes and pictures from each one of us, my parent's children, grandchildren, and my dad's dad.  We sent the banner along with them on their weekend trip for their anniversary, to enjoy our words of honor to them.

My dad did have the card below picked out for me to have waiting for mom on her plate.  I was worried that it wouldn't go with the decor and when I opened it up, it was just perfect!  I love how those details even work out.  Enjoy all the pictures as they tell of a most memorable, beautiful, and renewed morning of love.

 "For My Wife
Our anniversary
is the perfect day
to renew my promises to you....."

And off they went, headed to Traverse City, Michigan for a fun filled weekend away.  May this memory fill your heart with joy from the expression of love from a husband to his wife.  There are always reasons to CeLeBrate, even if it's a small intimate moment with just two people.

Decoration and Food ideas for the event:
Envelope Banner (Tutorial to come soon)
Chocolate flowers on muffins
Cherry Blossom Lemon Cake Pops
Flower Paper Red Poppies
Fruit Kabobs
Quiche: Bacon & Onion, Spinach & Feta, Tomato & Basil
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Candy Mints
Basket of goodies
Lots of flowers, both fresh and fake
Black Lanterns with candles
Photos hanging from bridge
AND a Great Location!


  1. I love the flags on the cake pops. Did you actually sew them? I would love the tutorial for that one!

  2. Not much of a tutorial really. We cut the paper and then, yes, we actually sewed them by hand with embroidery floss. I even had a little helper, making them that much more special. :)


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