Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Sushi Date Night

 Casie's thinker was thinking of a great idea when she came up with this party plan!  An adult only sushi party was just what some of us parents needed to relax and enjoy fellowship with others. 

The atmosphere was so perfect and included short tables with guests bringing their own throw pillows to sit on, lanterns hanging overhead, tea, sushi, chopsticks, origami cranes and other little details that made it so inviting.  Come along to our evening of trying new foods and relishing in friendships while sitting together on the floor.  : )

 As you came down the steps entering the basement, the lanterns were lit down the stairway and rounding the curve.  Follow the path to..........

 a room dimly lit with hanging lanterns, sushi mats, chopsticks, and rich oriental colors ( don't forget the music).
As the guests arrived, they were directed to take off their shoes and head to the basement.  They found their name card and prepared for a meal of wonderful food.  After a "how to use chopsticks" demonstration and a demo on how to roll sushi, the food began getting passed and eaten.  So delicious!  Before dessert everyone shared their likes/dislikes with the sushi, what combinations they put in their's and their overall enjoyment of the food.   

 Ready to be rolled.

 Nicely rolled!

 Choosing just the right ingredients.

Making the perfect cuts to have nice little rolls.

Dipped Oreos with chocolate cherry blossoms.

You may cringe at the thought of sushi, but it is really quite tastey.  Sushi actually just means "with rice".  So, all the misconceptions of sushi containing raw fish is not true.  Yes, it can include raw fish, but it can also be fruit, vegetables, cream cheese, the list is endless as long as it contains rice. 

Each couple got to take their chopsticks and the sushi mat home to further practice their sushi making and eating skills.  This party was a great idea and enjoyed by everyone!  There doesn't always have to be a special reason to have a party.   Enjoying friendships, adult only time and delicious healthy food that we've been provided with are all reasons enough to CeLeBrate!


  1. thank you so much! we all had a fabulous time! ;)

  2. It sure is a different twist on a meal and date, but was fabulous indeed!

  3. Thanks for the great evening!! We had a great time.


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