Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Pollyanna Birthday Party

 This year was a big milestone for Christi's daughter, Alegra, and we wanted to CeLeBrate with a party based on the book Pollyanna.  Christi has been reading it to her children and with them taking much interest in it, she decided to make that the focus of the celebration to honor her daughter who was turning 10.

 A banner hung over the food table that read "Glad for Alegra" and had prisms hanging on it.  If you know anything about Pollyanna, she made a game called The Glad Game where she would always find something glad to be about in any situation.  With that being a great thing to teach children, that was made the main focus of the party. 

 Christi's mom made this wonderful ruffle cake that was strawberry inside. 

 This was the highlight of the evening.  Christi had friends and family write down what they were glad for in Alegra.  After food was eaten, she went through every tag and read them with huge smiles the whole time. 

 This one is her favorite and made her laugh out loud.  : )

 Pollyanna learned of prisms in the story, so Christi's mom gave Alegra 3 prisms to keep and hang in her own window at home. They were a great addition to her "Glad Tree".

 For drinks they had flowering, peach tea that was a special addition and made it fancy and fun. 

 ~Rejoice and be Glad~

The evening was ended with a girl's movie night watching Pollyanna.  What a treat, and the girls loved it! 

Things that were included that were a part of the Pollyanna theme:
- The Glad banner and tags from friends and family
- The Glad Tree - Pollyanna fell out of a tree after she learned how to climb them
- Biscuits were served with the meal and two choices of jam were available (in the movie Pollyanna delivered calves foot jelly to the poor)
- Hats - Pollyanna, after moving in with her Aunt Polly wore many hats
- Prisms - Were a big beauty that she discovered and used to spread cheer to others
- Cake - At the Bazaar, she got a huge piece of layered cake
- Chicken and Noodles - They had fried chicken every Sunday.  Was as close to fried chicken as we were going to get.  : )

It was so enjoyable to spend time with just the girls and CeLeBrate that Alegra is 10.  Was a small party but sometimes those are more meaningful than the big ones, and all of her friends and close family participated in making it a memorable day for her.  I believe she said it was the best birthday she's had!

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  1. What a wonderful party!! Grandma also did great on her cake. Reva


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