Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Hawaiian Birthday For Two

Casie hosted a wonderful birthday Celebration today for her daughter, Amalyah who turned 3 and her sister, Hannah who turned 20.  The Hawaiian theme won over for the choice of decor and what a wonderful job she and her mom did putting it together.  There were some great details that went into this Celebration to make it memorable, special and fitting for both a 3 year old and 20 year old.  Enjoy the ideas!

 Casie's brother made the amazing cake with coconut flavored frosting!

 One of Casie's favorites is making a cake stand out of a tray or plate and candlestick from the Dollar Store.  You can add fun decor around the edge to tie it into the theme.  It makes for a fun addition to a dessert table and doesn't cost much at all!

 A pineapple palm tree sets the Hawaiian feel by using the left over pineapple skins from the pineapple you cut up to eat.  It's an inexpensive way to add some great tropical feel to a Celebration with things that you might already have.

 Nutter Butter flip flop cookies.  So cute!

Raw sugar makes the perfect sand option if real sand isn't at your finger tips.

 Blue Hi-C and Sprite punch with gold fish ice cubes.  Now that's a fun looking punch bowl!

 An Aloha banner.  Love the pineapple shapes and small pom poms!

The ladies who put it all together!

This was truly a CeLeBration filled with lots of love and clever ideas.  From the Nutter Butter flip flops to Gold Fish ice cubes in blue punch, it was all unique and brought out the tropics without being overly colorful.  The perfect palette for both older and younger guest of honor.  Great job Casie and mom for putting all your heart into making this a CeLeBration for your family full of memories that will last forever!  

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  1. Love all the DIY's, Party looked amazing! TFS


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