Monday, April 16, 2012

Girl's Kung Fu Panda Celebration

 Casie did a fabulous job with this party in honor of her daughter, Elli.  Who says that girls can't enjoy Kung Fu Panda as much as boys.  With just the right touches to bring out the oriental feel and slight touches of characters on food labels, this party was perfect for both boys and girls.

All guests were invited with these great invitations!  Po and a bowl of rice with chopsticks made these so much fun to receive.  Sometimes the homemade ideas are so much more creative and unique to start off the theme of a celebration.  


Some of Elli's favorite foods were here and all the characters helped guests know what each dish was.  And it was all delicious!!!!

 Casie was at it again with one of her favorite DIY projects.  This stand was perfect as the centerpiece of the food table, donned with those adorable panda cake pops.

 And who doesn't love a shorter table for the littles to sit at.  Perfect for this theme!

 The chopsticks were fun for them to use and a great party favor that they could take home to practice their chopstick eating skills.

Since Casie and I usually do celebrations together, it's really hard for us when one is planning a party without the other.  I did help a little with the cake pops, but wanted to have my hands in it more than just that.  So, my children and I worked on making a panda pinata.  It was a fun, crafty project and turned out perfect for the occassion.  Too bad it had to get beat up.  But the goodies inside were worth the demolition of this cute panda.  

I really loved Elli's shirt.  She proved that kung fu themes don't have to be just for boys.  This shirt was adorably displayed on the birthday girl and said, "Kickin it with my friends!"  And that's what they all did.  A wonderful time was had by all, CeLeBrating Elli's birthday!

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