Monday, April 30, 2012

Rainbow Theme Party

Every year the Bovee Family puts on a program to end their school year.  Friends and family are invited to join in the fun, and it's always a fun and stretching time for the children.  They work really hard to put something special together to share, and this year was a real test for them.  It proved to be a year of growth and steps forward for them.  We are so proud of their accomplishments!

An outside celebration is so difficult with not knowing what the weather will be until it happens.  With this party though, it wouldn't have been so bad if it had rained (a little).  Thankfully, it stayed dry, the sun shined and the wind wasn't too overpowering.  Would have liked it to have been still at times, so signs didn't blow over and stage curtains didn't blow so much, but we worked with it and it all turned out just fine. So, here are the details of the lovely day we had yesterday! 

This was our invitation for this year.  We dressed colorfully and went to a park, then had these pictures printed on cards.  The program information was printed on other paper and glued inside the card once we figured out when we would be done with school and when the party could be.  It's also a nice keepsake for guests to have pictures of our family.

 Since this was a school program, art projects from the second half of school were used in the party decor.  This canvas was done with help using canvas, paper, a photograph, and crayons.  It turned out to be a memorable piece that will some day hang on the wall.

 Christi's parents always like to do something special for the children at every program.  This year they made the rainbow balloon arch by the umbrella table and brought their large rainbow kite with balloons hanging from it.  The kite floated with the wind under its flaps during the day and made for a great welcome tool to the party!  I guess we did need that wind to keep it flying, so without the wind we wouldn't have had this wonderful addition. 

Painted clay pots with lollipops can work at a garden party, rainbow party, or be creative and add them to a bug party with plastic bugs amongst the flowers.  It's an inexpensive way to add decoration and fun.

 A tutorial on how to make this amazing rainbow cake pop stand can be found here.  The children helped with this by painting it and spraying it with glitter.  Adding the colors to the cake pops made the rainbow pop right out.  It was our favorite addition to the food table!

 These are dipped oreos, decorated with mini M&Ms and tiny pieces of marshmallows.  These oreos were the birthday cake edition so they were different colors inside adding to the rainbow fun.

 Clouds in the sky punch.  I was hoping to have every food labeled with weather names, but we ran out of time for that.  I thought this punch looked like a lovely display of clouds in a blue sky.  It sure is fun to have so many colors be a part of a food table. 

 The rainbow banner hanging from the top is made from a sweater that was found at Goodwill.  I cut the strips of colors from the sweater then laced them together with ribbon and thread.  The clouds are made from batting and simply tied and glued together.  Was a simple addition to the background and brought out the theme nicely. 

 I really wanted to make the inside rainbowish, but with using natural juices to give the color.  I tried and didn't succeed like I would have liked to, so I did add a little bit of food coloring to each layer to give it a little color but not too much. 

 On to the program!  The children each memorized a chapter in Genesis to retell the story of Noah.  They did a fabulous job.  We included some rain from Josiah spraying the hose and even had an emergency broadcast system announcing a flood warning for the whole world.  The children enjoyed adding the extra touches.  We ended with a big rainbow the children had painted, that they held up while Jonathon read the final account of the sign of the rainbow.  Before passing out party favors, they sang the song that we all put together about Noah and the rainbow.  It was added with entertainment by the little brother going in and out of the curtain.  Every family needs a little brother who steals the show.  He has much to learn about school programs.  : )
 Do you see the spray coming from the left?  Good thing everybody got their umbrellas up in time. 

The children tie dyed their own shirts.  Don't they look great?!  You can see a tutorial of how they did them at the Bovee's Family Blog.

 The party favor goodies complete with cookies and a chime, sun catcher that the children made.

 A little croquet fun for the children.

 Rainbow lollipops and fun with friends!

Big thanks to Casie for her help with the oreos and letting me borrow a few things.  Is always fun to work together and enjoy our celebrations together with our families.

 Another big thanks to Grandpa Dan and Grandma Deborah for bringing the fun, balloon extras and us borrow many items for food and drinks.  Borrowing from friends and family definitely helps keep costs low for wonderful celebrations!

 And a super big, huge thank you to my children who did a fabulous job working their brains at memorizing the Scripture, doing lovely art projects to add to the fun, giving us their ideas for the song and getting another school year over with so we can enjoy the spring and summer that's ahead.  CeLeBrating another year down is bittersweet.  Benaiah will be having big parts in the program one of these days, and I'll wish for these years back.  But they are also getting more fun as the children can do more and offer their own ideas for decorations and program material.  They have already asked about what next year's will be about.  Hmmmm, that's a good question.  : )

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