Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY Tutorial- Rainbow Cake Pop Stand

Sometimes you just might have on hand what you need to create something amazing!  In this case, my dad had what I needed in his barn.  I had my heart set on an eye catching cake pop stand that was a rainbow for the children's school program, and I needed styrofoam.  If any of you have priced styrofoam at the craft stores, you know that it can be rather expensive, especially if you need a big piece or large quantity.  

The first thing I started out with was some pink foam board that is used for insulating buildings.  Not sure how much this stuff costs if you were to buy it brand new.  My dad had some extra pieces laying around, so I used those to make my rainbow pieces.  

 I began by cutting out the arches to make the rainbow.  The biggest piece, which is red in the above picture, measured approximately 2 ft. long at the base.  That gives you a general idea of the size of it.  Then they are equally smaller as they went down in size. 

 I let the children paint them as they didn't need to be done perfectly as you can see.  I drew basic lines for them to follow, then they just filled it in.  We had to do 2 coats of some of the paint so that it was a really nice solid coat of color. 

 We sprayed them with some gold glitter to give them just a bit of sparkle.  It was hard to see it, but maybe in the right lighting or if we would have put more on, it would have been better.

After all pieces were completely dry, we glued them together tightly in the correct order of color.  My violet looks a little blue in the picture.  Weird.  Anyways just follow ROYGBIV and leave out what colors you don't have if you have to.  Make sure to glue it together so that it leans slightly towards the back.  As the cake pops go in, it will cause it to lean forward, so glueing it to lean back will balance it for display. 

I poked the holes in with a stick before I put the actual cake pops in place.  I started in the center and then worked my way to the outside of each color.  I believe this held about 45 cake pops.  Here is the final project all set up at the party.

It turned out just how I had it pictured!

Think of the endless ideas you could do with this foam board.  We would love to hear some ideas you might have of using this product to create an eye popping stand for your guests to enjoy plucking their cake pops from.

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