Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Peacock Theme

I wanted to share this beautiful Mother's Day brunch theme with you.  Casie put this together for her amazing mother who loves peacocks.  A special day for her was lavished with peacocks galore, including from her daughter who wasn't able to make it home for the weekend.  Enjoy these great ideas to bring just a little peacock color into a table setting to make it fit for a Queen to sit at.  

 Casie adorned the candles and plates with feathers.  Big feathers on the side for the moms and smaller ones for the men and children.

 This CD was specially designed for the party from the daughter who couldn't attend.  It contained songs that would make a mother cry.  : )

 The idea of giving flowers for her to plant to remember this special day was wonderful!
And didn't they fit the colors perfectly!

Joni and Casie.  Beauties!

When thinking about the purpose of Celebrations, it's not to see if we can make one bigger and better than the previous one.  It's to make it a perfectly special and memorable day for the person being honored.  That's what it's all about.  I loved that Casie made the table settings so beautiful.  The feather pin for her mom, the flowers, the big feather laying on the table, the candles all made it so lovely and dreamy.  Great job, friend, CeLeBrating your wonderful mother and honoring her with just what you knew she would love.

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