Monday, June 25, 2012

Beautiful Burlap and Robin's Egg Blue Wedding

I wanted to share some details that I loved from the wedding that was attended this weekend.  I loved seeing all the creative ideas as I knew that this couple was working with a smaller budget, and it's a huge accomplishment to plan a beautifully stunning wedding with smaller funds.  They proved that you don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to have a wonderful wedding day.  Here are some of the things I loved:  

 Simple burlap flowers were used and what a simple cake topper, but it was perfect!

 All the guests signed fabric pieces that will later be sewn into a quilt. Fabulous idea for a keepsake of the special day.

 Old windows were used to display pictures of the bride and groom.   Also a branch tree was used to display pictures of loved ones who have passed on. 

 The tables were perfect!  With a lantern on a piece of wood, and fresh flowers of hydrangeas (which are in bloom right now, making it much cheaper if you have bushes of these yourself) and pink roses filled canning jars.

 Loved the branches around the lanterns too with just a hint of the blue.

 Wedding favors were clay balls with seeds in them to plant at the guests homes to grow your own flowers to remember this special day.  This was a wonderful idea and by using seeds that friends and family harvested and gave to the bride, and baby food jars that were washed and saved, this was another inexpensive idea that guests can enjoy later on in the summer as their flowers begin growing and blooming.

 Bird cage and a burlap box decorated the space for cards.  Love the little "cards" banner and the little nest sitting on the side.  She also used coffee filter flowers to add decor to the cage.  More of the coffee filter flowers coming up, but first, let's see some of the bride's attire that I just loved.

 Shoes!!!!  Look at those shoes!  Aren't they great!  I loved seeing the color shining through under her dress.

 This picture is for two reasons.  Check out her hair piece.  It was a vintage looking netting with blue feathers and a flower.  It was gorgeous!  Also, this is the bride's bouquet in the front of this picture.  Her mom made flowers out of coffee filters and burlap and added some blue tulling, broches and ribbon to finish off making this an eye catcher of a bouquet.  It was shiny and beautiful!

 These were the bouquets for the ladies to hold and how simple, yet elegant they turned out.  Coffee filters with words stamped on and a touch of pink added.  Just gorgeous!

I didn't get any pictures of their ceremony area, but the three wooden branched windows they made that are behind them in this picture, were part of their backdrop during the ceremony.  They were covered in lace and the blue budded branches and were really a lovely addition.  And I must also say, on the cupcakes they had the big sugar crystals and the hard rose buds.  LOVE!  I love a little crunch to my cake! 

And isn't she just a beautiful bride?  She got her dress for free at a bridal shop that had a special program for military brides. There weren't alot of dresses for her to choose from, but she made it work and she chose an absolutely perfect fit for herself and her style of wedding!

This wedding was so lovely and clearly showed that you can do alot with a little.  They did an outstanding job adding in their touches without adding extra costs.  What creative and inexpensive ideas have you seen at weddings that are beautiful yet affordable?  We'd love to hear your ideas!

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