Thursday, March 28, 2013

Elli and Amalyah's Cowgirl Birthday Fun

Here at CLB CeLeBrations we love to go all out for our children during special times in their lives.  Sometimes it's with a grand event and sometimes it's with a smaller more intimate time with just family.  Either way, special memories are made and hopefully will be held onto on into their adult years.  This Cowgirl party will definitely be one that all of our children will remember for years to come.  They are still enjoying the party favors a lot even today, so I think it was a BIG hit!

Casie did all of the planning and designing, and I helped a little with invites, decor, and special fun.  It's always fun for us to put our minds together and share ideas and see what the party will end up looking like.  This one was a super fun celebration to put together and see be created as we set up the night before and the day of the party. Enjoy the pictures.  I'll give a little detail if I think necessary, but otherwise, just take ideas and fun from each picture.  We hope ya'll come back and again to check out our Passover pics from this year as well.....when I fit the time for that one.    :)

The invitations were so cute!

Casie's brother, Garth painted this wonderful backdrop for the dessert table.  

Cotton candy is tricky for parties.  We made them the night before and woke up to them looking all flat.  So, last minute Casie redid them all to give them a fresh fluffy look.  By the time it was time to eat them, the air had melted them down again.  Best to make fresh and eat right away.  Note to selves...or just not make it at all.  :)

Horse feed at a little girl's birthday party?


So many cute details from cow bells to twine, from hats to boots.

Simply beautiful!


The most delicious tasting and adorable cake ever!  Well done Garth!

We wanted to do pictures on the porch but it was so cold that we skipped out on that part.  It was a fun little welcoming area anyways.

Casie made these stick ponies out of mops from the dollar store.  They were so creative and cute!  Every child got to take one home if they wanted to. 
The birthday girls!

Centerpieces on the children's eating tables.

Ran out of time to comment on all of the cuteness but you get the idea from the pics.  The next several pictures are of the guests who were able to join us on this great day to CeLeBrate these two girls.  Thanks for coming and sharing in this special day with Elli and Amalyah!

It was a long and big day for all of us.....even the party girls and their friends. 

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