Monday, March 4, 2013

Time Flies- Date NIght

So, this isn't a typical Celebration, but sometimes you've gotta have those special moments too that are just for two people.  I was thinking that I do so much to honor others and celebrate others, that I've pretty much not thought about celebrating something that is one of the most important things in my life- my marriage.  The Dating Divas have some great ideas for creating ways to keep the flame alive in a marriage, and I figured with my enjoyment of creating Celebrations, I could certainly do something to keep the fire burning in my marriage.  When Jonathon and I celebrated our 15 year wedding anniversary last May, we wanted to open our Time Capsule that we put together when we got married.  Time just slipped away, and we didn't get it done.  After thinking about the fact that we needed some "us" time, I decided that a random day would be just fine for us to go through our capsule.  And so, the creation of a special date night "Time Flies" was put together and enjoyed by just the two of us.  

 I made these clocks that were supposed to say what time everything was to take place, but a late work night changed the times up.  That didn't really matter though in the grand scheme of things.  I included a quote that would go with the activity that we were going to do at that time.
We had such a great time going through our capsule.  We had some letters from grandparents and cards from old friends.  A newspaper clipping from our area that had articles from a review of 1997 was very interesting to read through. 

 During this time we thought about goals that we would like to accomplish as a family.  There were only a few major ones for us, but fun to get them out there and the time frame in which we'd like to achieve them.

 Date nights must always include chocolate, so I made these homemade turtles, which were delicious!

 Well, I don't think I need to elaborate on this one.  Find something fun to pass the time.....

 Jonathon read all the letters out loud.  I really liked that!

This letter was written by my grandpa who just recently passed away.  What a treasure to have!

And this one from my Grandma German.  Another treasure!

 The book that came with our Time Capsule was interesting to read through.  It included things such as how much did bread, gassoline, stamps, etc cost, and how much do you think they will cost in 10 years when you open the capsule.  Since we waited util 15 years, it made it a little more fun to read through.  I enjoyed reading more of the letters than the information the book had.  Although\the questions of how many children do you think you will have and how much money do you think you will be making are good for a laugh.  

I wish now I could remember who gave us this Capsule as a gift.  It was a great idea, but now I wish I would have taken more time to get letters from family and put in it.  So much fun to read through and a wonderful way to spend an evening together.  Even if you don't have an actual Capsule, you can always use a coffee can or an oatmeal container to store away fun information about you and your spouse from this year.  Open it in 10 years or so and enjoy a good laugh. We thought about adding things to it to reopen in another 10-15 years.  Maybe add letters from our children or have our parents write letters again from this time period.  This was a great way for us to CeLeBrate our marriage.  Sometimes it's those little things that really spark a fire and keep the flame burning.  Remember back to your wedding day.  It was a happy one! 

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