Monday, March 4, 2013

Glamerica- 21st Birthday

Casie put together this fabulous Glamerica celebration for her sister, Hannah, for her birthday.  Just for family and simply decorated, it clearly displays Hannah's love for all things red, white, and blue.  

 Traditional, American foods were served.

A little red, white, and blue and a little glam.

 The beautiful birthday girl!

 Who says you can't dress up a crock pot?  : )
Feather boas do wonders. 

 Casie added sequin ribbons on the stripes and diamonds on the stars to add a touch of glam to the flag.

Casie's brother, Garth, made this amazing American Flag cake.  It was the perfect cake to use for a centerpiece on the food table.  Great job as usual, Garth!

I just love seeing how Casie honors and loves on her family through her gift of celebrations.  And even during those last minute moments when she's not sure how it will all look together, she always pulls it off and it looks amazing!  This would also make for a fun girl's 4th of July CeLeBration.  Add in some sparklers and you've got some real Glam!

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