Friday, May 31, 2013

Outer Space Celebration

We had a spectacular school program with friends and family last weekend.  Our theme this year was Outer Space, and we had a lot of fun thinking of foods and decorations to make it an out of this world program for our guests. 

For food we had: Venus Veggies, Asteroids (meatballs), meteorites (grapes), orange suns, Milky Way candy bars, Crescent Moon chicken salad sandwiches, star shaped cookies, moon pies (oatmeal cream cookies), shooting star lemon shooters, moon phase dipped oreos, and to drink, rocket fuel.

 When our guests arrived, they were each given a gold star to pin on their shirt at our space shuttle check in.  This was their badge to enter the space shuttle.   Just inside the door, one of the children would greet them, check for their badge, then take them to board.  We used the school room as our shuttle, so it would feel like they were really out of this world.  We covered the walls and ceiling with black plastic, hooked up a black light to the ceiling, set up chairs and had our stage for our shining stars to perform.  From the ceiling we also hung the 9 planets and the sun that were painted with glow in the dark and flourescent paint to make them really light up with the black light on them.  During the introduction to the program, Josiah handed out hand fans to the guests since their first stop was the sun.  We didn't want anybody getting overheated.  : )  The fans were just plain white paper with gold sticker stars on them.  The white fans really stuck out under the black light. 

 The children created planet boards using different styles of art and shared planet facts with our guests, then their was some Scripture recitation, and music.  They decorated their own shirts with paints, putting their names on them and then drawing stars, planets, etc. to go along with the theme. 

Christi's parents always like to contribute something really fun for the children, so they made this hamburger space ship for the children to take their pictures with.  It really lit up the room, and the children had a blast with it.

Christi, Diella, and Grandma Deborah

And then we always take pictures of the children with their guests.

The children with Casie's family.

Christi and her shining stars.

 Of course there was lots of fun with the black light and what it does to brigthen everything.  From the clothes to the teeth, they all had fun playing around in the school room space shuttle with it.

 Each guest was also given a party favor, rocket, filled with chocolate candies.  It was just enough to give them a sweet reminder of the fun that was had at the Outer Space School Program.

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