Monday, July 15, 2013

"Time" for Tea

We had a beautiful Celebration sipping cold tea and eating pretty foods.  It was a reason to celebrate with ladies and rejoice in the miracle of a new baby.  Waiting many, many years to know that a child was going to enter your family would be so frustrating.  This new mom did just that and prayed, expressing her longing to have a baby.  Six years later we are celebrating with her and excited to see what the Father will do in their lives.  We know that only the Father could have opened her womb to allow this child to be.  What a miracle and a perfect time to rejoice! 

We wanted to do a theme that had to do with "time" since she waited so long for this to happen.  So, we went with a "Time for Tea" theme and had the decor and foods be centered on tea party delights and clocks.  All the clocks were set on the same time which was her due date.  Casie was in charge of this one, with Christi helping with some food, decorations and ideas.   We were buying clocks and tea cups at every thrift shop we could find to complete our projects.  We ended up with a perfect tea party enjoyed by every one of the ladies!

Here's the pics.  Hope you enjoy them and maybe get some ideas for your own tea party or celebration.  

Casie tea stained these paper doilies so they were a little more creamish instead of white.  This banner was so delicate and pretty.  She really did a beautiful job on it!

We hosted this celebration at the location where we fellowship.  Melanie is a gifted decorator, and we were blessed to have her come along side of us to help with the tables and place settings.  She supplied most of the table decor and all of the tea cups that were used at every seat.

Since we decided that a pregnant lady probably wouldn't enjoy hot tea on a hot day, we decided to still use the tea cups for something special.  Casie's brother, Garth from Layers of Flavors baked the cupcakes then put them in these cups and added his delicious frosting and pearl sprinkles.  They were so yummy!  

We hung these clocks above where the gifts would be.  Casie purchased them off of etsy and then we added the hands and the matching fabric we used throughout the party for the backing.

Aren't those umbrellas just too pretty?  Casie made these and we tied fabric around the jelly jars to add some pretty pinkness.

Each napkin had a clock tied to it.  These were purchased from Hobby Lobby and were such a great addition to the table settings.

Melanie had a long table and a shorter table that were used.  Both tables were decorated so beautifully with florals, candles, and clocks.  

Now for the food!

This tea cup and saucer stand was really fun to shop for.  With mismatched items, it made for such a great centerpiece to the food display.  Thank you to a few other ladies for helping with the sandwiches, eggs, and fruit.

Besides the fact that those parfaits look just delicious, aren't those food labels so great?  Casie had some clocks left over and added that and a bit of the paper lace to make a very pretty addition to the display.  She also added cute little pink flowers to the ends of the spoons that went in the parfaits and cupcakes. 

Blessings of gifts were poured out onto Rachel.  Many useful and pretty girlie things for that special little blessing coming soon!

There weren't too many times that I looked at Rachel and she wasn't rubbing or holding her belly, or talking to her baby or looking down at her belly lovingly (I mean really, how many of us ladies look lovingly at our bellies.: ) ).  Pictures of mothers holding their babies are so touching to other mom's hearts, but seeing Rachel's love already for this little one really touched my heart.  She already holds her in her arms.

We also take time to bless the new mom with words of encouragement, advice, prayer, Scripture, whatever the Father lays on the women's hearts to share with her.  It's always a time of blessing.  We also had her husband write a letter to her that was read during the sharing time.  Words of love from the new daddy are always sweet and touching to the mom.  During sharing time we also wash her feet as an act of servanthood.  It's a very humbling and special time!

Okay, baby, you've got a little more "time" to grow. Stay healthy and happy, and we'll see you close to August 11th, give or take a couple weeks. 

Casie and I with the lovely, Rachel!
Another CeLeBration blessing that blessed many hearts, including our's as we look at a woman who has been heard by the Father and favored.  What a time to rejoice, cry, laugh, and CeLeBrate with a sister!  Thank you, Yahweh, for this miracle and blessing!

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