Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gender Reveal- Get the "Scoop"

Casie pulled off an amazing Gender Reveal party for.....herself!  She kept it a secret from everybody, but of course had to know for herself, so she could plan the most amazing party for the reveal.  The invitations were so cute and perfect for the theme of "Want in on the "Scoop"?  Everyone enjoyed some delicious ice cream and all the toppings, cotton candy, and ice cream donut hole cones.  Cuteness was totally wrapped up in this party!  We all had so much fun and loved finding out with her family what they are having in December.  We are so excited for your family to be having a ? (....see the end of the post)!  What a blessing!  

 Casie made this ice cream cone garland with paper for the cones and fabric.  These were so adorable!  And she simply used plastic table covers for the ruffles on the front, but pulled at the plastic a little to make waves in it.  It really added a nice touch.

 These cones were made with a donut hole as the scoop.  Another super cute idea for a treat.

 Aren't they just so cute?

 Baby Brothers in a perfect profile ultra sound picture.

 Casie put blue balloons inside the box to come floating out when the children and Phil, her husband, opened the box.

 The other 4 Brothers children anxiously waiting to find out if a girl or boy is coming.
Notice the mustache on Zeky?  We all had to choose either a mustache sticker if we thought it is a boy or lips sticker if we thought it is a girl.

 Another fantastic cake by Garth Taylor from Layers of Flavor Cake Co.

Casie prescooped the ice cream so it made it easier and quicker with these hot temps to get the ice cream and eat it.  It was all so delicious!

 Lots of friends and family to join them in their big announcement!  This was Casie's first ultra sound and time to find out the gender before actually having the baby.  So excited for them!

 One of the big sisters waiting for the box to be opened.

Photo Courtesy of Hannah Taylor
Out come the BLUE balloons!  It's going to be a BOY!!!!
Congratulations Brothers Family!

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