Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Feather Her Nest- Baby Celebration

Beautiful weather, location, and guests were a part of this "Feather Her Nest" baby CeLeBration.  The location was at the Old Mill in Fremont, IN in one of their old barn buildings that has been renovated to perfection.  The brick floor, the stained glass windows on the walls and ceiling give it so much character that it's perfect for any special event. 
With our new momma being a nature lover, we decided to go with the nesting/feathers/birds theme.  It proved to be just the perfect theme in so many ways.  Instead of gifts for baby, we asked ladies to bring snacks for the other 4 little birds that are also in her nest.  We know that when baby comes, the other little birds still have demands, so we thought it would ease some stress if their quick and healthy snacks that she could offer her children when they were hungry.  But some women also brought something special that they felt the Father put on their heart to give to her.  These kinds of things are always so much more meaningful when they've been directed by the Father than when it's just a gift that you think you have to give.  Come join us for the details of this party.  And I have to apologize that some how, I lost some of the pictures.  It's really not surprising with the other things that we forgot when getting ready for this party.  Thankfully we've got good husbands that always have our backs.  : )

These cupcakes had cute little nests on top complete with jelly bean eggs.
Even though we were in a building, it was a barn and not air conditioned.  We like to offer fans when the conditions could be warm.  The weather was good though, so most didn't need them.
The party favors were these cute little birds in nests, with a saying attached to a clothes pin with a magnet on the back.  It was a reminder for the ladies to pray for the momma and her little blessing.

Each place setting had a chocolate nest with almond eggs and a little card for the ladies to write their name on and pin to their shirt.  We were a mixed group of family and friends this time, so we thought it would be nice to have the name tags.
Casie spruced up these water bottles just to add some theme to them.
A pillow in the colors that read, "Bless This Nest" was on the special rocking chair that we provided.  This was one of the take home gifts that we brought along.
Onto the food!

Isn't this place just gorgeous!

We fit all the guests at one LONG table.  It was fun to sit around and see everyone from different places surrounding this momma with love.
We always like to have fresh flowers but we were blessed by the owner of the facility in that there was  wedding there the night before and she let us use any of the leftover flowers we wanted.  So, we added some to our zinnias and they made beautiful bouquets for the mason jars we brought along.  I love how this picture shows the beauty of the flowers and the beauty of a woman washing the momma's feet. 
We wash her feet to serve her.  It's such a sweet time.  This was her momma washing her feet.  What a testimony these two women have!
One of the ladies brought a special necklace for her to wear, so her daughters were helping her put it on.  So sweet!
We ended with prayer over her.  I loved that women from different walks were joined together in lifting her up in prayer.
Then lots of pictures with family. 

Sadie and Casie with their preggo bellies together.  Beautiful women!

Christi, Sadie, and Casie. 

And this is the invitation we sent out to all the guests.  With a bird and a feather and some stitching around the edge, it made for a lovely way to invite the guests to this CeLeBration for a wonderful sister!

We sent her home with lots of snacks, a pillow, and bird wreath to hang in the nursery and lots of encouragement and love.  I never walk away from a celebration not feeling blessed.  This one was extra special as Sadie took time to bless her own momma too.  It was timing only the Father could orchestrate as we thought about doing something like that but decided to let the Lord lead.  It was a testimony of the generations that have been brought up to serve God.  Sometimes we get ideas but only He can make them happen.  We just get blessed when he decides to do that for us!

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