Sunday, December 22, 2013

Two Little "Dears" Woodland Themed Pregnancy Celebration (for twins)

I had the wonderful honor of helping out with this pregnancy celebration of twins.  The momma is an acquaintance of mine, but she's a good friend of Sadie's, the one who helped me out with Casie's Celebration after having Yahkiyn.  Sadie asked if I would help her and another friend put together this Celebration, and I was so glad to do so.  Wanting to go with a Woodland theme, we incorporated "2 little dears" as the main idea, and had 2 deer as decor in different places in the decor.  Sadie's home is just the perfect setting for this kind of a party with all of the woodwork and rustic feel.  It was quite delightful!

The welcoming sign outside, directing the guests.

Lisa, the other lady helping out with this one made these adorable terrariums.  Loved the feel that they brought to the decor.  
Little woodland accents covered the walls, tables, and food.

A delicious drink bar hit the spot.

2 little deer

These tags were filled out with Scripture or words of encouragement for the momma.  Then the ladies hung them on a branch in a vase.

There is usually a very common thing that is shared among the women.  It was so neat to see that happen once again.  Three women wrote out the verse about being still and knowing that He is God.  It is also what Lisa put as the verse on the party favor, chocolate-dipped spoons.  

After a couple women washed Emily's feet and pampered them nicely, Sadie put some color on her nails to finish off the pampering. 

We ended it out with some photo booth pics of the guests and Emily's belly.

For having 2 babies in there, she looks just amazing!

Thank you Sadie and Lisa for asking me to help out and join in on your evening.  I was so blessed to participate and share in the blessing of Emily!  It's really a lot of fun to just come along side of other ladies in helping them give a Celebration for a friend.  I love to see what their ideas are and then be able to share my supplies to help their expenses in decorating be less.

We also love when other women take the idea of CeLeBrating another sister, to build her up and encourage her during a time when a woman really needs a little boost from fellow sisters.  The point of Celebrations isn't for Casie and I to do everything and be the only ones giving the blessings.  It's to be spread out among other sisters to share and give to others.  It's exciting to see that taking place!

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