Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rustic Country Wedding/Dessert Table

Here at CLB CeLeBrations we've been super glad for summer to have arrived!  We haven't had much to post about because we've been enjoying the warm weather and our families.  Finally, we have a party to post about!  Christi was asked to help with the set up of the dessert table.  She didn't make the desserts but displayed them so all of them could be on the table and reached easily by the guests.  What a fun display to do.  The theme of this wedding was a rustic/country theme with touches of wood, crates, lanterns, burlap, and boots.  It turned out to be a perfect blend of rustic and elegance.  Here are a few of the ideas that this bride decided to go with to make the area perfect for her special day.  

 My little family enjoying the fun!  My girls even helped me keep the desserts stocked up on the table.  What good little party planners and helpers I'm getting.

 Let's not forget the dancing.  These pictures showed the lighting and backdrop a little better, but the dancing was so cute.  Christi's dad and her youngest son were out on the floor dancing.
 So cute!
 Then the father of the bride and Christi's son, Benaiah tried their hand at dancing after the dance floor was cleared out.
Beautiful wedding!  Good memories!

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